So, you've got the details - now you need to know what we are buying!

We buy current styles showing little to no wear. We prefer items to be purchased within the last couple of years. What we buy is based more on style and less on brand, but the brand influences our pricing.


We are currently looking for...

For Women:

Bras, Rompers, Dresses, Sweaters, & Jackets

Gator Gear 

Accessories (including jewelry, sunglasses, belts, & wallets)

Designer & Regular Boots

Designer Crossbodies

FabUPlus (sizes 14+) - Dresses, Tops, Pants, & Jeans

Professional Wear Short Sleeve Tops & Pants


For Men:

Casual, Trendy, Informal, current-style & name-brand clothing.

Casual tops such as graphic tees & informal long sleeves

Jackets & Pants

Accessories - belts, hats, & bags


Gator Gear

Home Decor & Furniture 

Currently Needing:

 Furniture                                    Bedding (in new condition)                                 Lamps

Modern, farmhouse, bohemian, eclectic, industrial, mid-century modern, romantic, contemporary, coastal, and rustic to name some of the styles we buy!

Email with photos and info for a quote and to schedule a drop-off time for large furniture pieces.


We are currently fitting in appointments for home décor & housewares! Call our store and let us know if you have these items to be manually fit in!


We are being VERY picky on the following items...

Athletic Wear


Maxi Dresses, & Jumpsuits.

Shorts, Skirts, Pants, Jeans, Short & Long Sleeve Tops.

Plus Size Shorts & Skirts

Designer Purses,  Wallets, Clothing, & Shoes

All Men's & Women's shoes & sneakers

Scrub Bottoms

Women's short sleeve tops


We are NOT buying the following at this time...

Phone cases except for iPhone12 or newer

For Women:

Cropped or patterned leggings/athletic wear pants, Professional Wear Skirts, & Formal Attire.

For Men:

Formal Attire

Home Decor & Furniture:

Bed rails, box springs, or mattresses on their own. 

Curtains and Shower Curtains

This list will be updated as our inventory needs change. Please consider holding onto anything we are not buying to bring in at another time.

If you have the following WOMEN'S clothing brands, please call our store so that we can fit you in for an appointment:

Abercrombie & Fitch                   Lululemon 

Altar'd State                                Pacsun

Free People                                H&M

Forever 21                                  Anthropology

Urban Outfitters                         American Eagle

If you have the following MEN'S clothing brands, please call our store so that we can fit you in for an appointment:

Nike                                        Lululemon  

Under Armour                         Nautica

 Express                                 American Eagle

Vineyard Vines                       Guy Harvey

Columbia                                Steve Madden

Examples of brands we buy!

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