How It Works

Please read the following to know how to bring your items in, how pricing works, and what to expect!

  • Booked appointments will take at least one hour to go through and price. It may be longer depending on how much and what you bring in.
  • Please ensure that your items are freshly laundered. They do not need to be folded and we prefer them off hangers.
  • We can accept up to two laundry baskets of items (no trash, paper bags, or bins). Don't have laundry baskets? That's fine! Please just stick to around that volume.
  • If you choose to leave the store instead of waiting, please be back before closing time to pick up what we could not buy.
  • All items should be showing little to no wear and be current styles.
  • We will pay you 30-35% of our selling prices as cash on the spot. A check will be made out to you for payouts of $50+.
  • Typically, our prices are 50-80% off retail prices.
  • For furniture, please email photos and information to We offer cash and consignment options for up to 60% of our selling prices.
  • We do not buy children's items, formal wear, medical equipment, wedding dresses, and anything that smells like cigarette smoke.
  • Please follow CDC Guidelines while shopping in the store.


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